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Birds with thumbs.
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I *also* stole a meme

Wed Sep 13, 2017, 6:11 PM

I stole it from wyum :D

☀ all about me ☀

names(s) ➤ Mandy, Mana, Bees (Amanda, but only my mom ever calls me that, when she is angry with me)
single or taken ➤ Married and going stong... 11 years soon! 
gender ➤ I exclusively wear short hair and dresses
birthday ➤ August 2nd 1988
sign ➤ Leo baybee!
hair color ➤ Red
eye color ➤ Blue
height ➤ 5'7"
are you pan/bisexual/gay? ➤ Pansexual

☀ fashion stuff ☀

where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? ➤ well... most of my clothes are given to me by other people.......
favorite designer? ➤ I don't know anything about the fashion industry LOL

what is your most comfortable outfit? ➤ A sundress and a shawl!
what do you wear the most? ➤  My shawls tbh

☀ specifics ☀

what kind of shampoo do you use most? ➤ Herbal essence LOL I like the packaging of their shampoo/conditioner combos. 
what are you listening to right now? ➤ Genghis Khan   
who is the last person who called you? ➤ uuuh...I think it was my mom in law haha
how many buddies are online right now? ➤ Not many... Then again, I don't have many "buddies" to begin with LOL

☀ favorites ☀

foods ➤ There's this italian place near here that serves, I don't exaggerate, the BEST meatballs. I could those meatballs until I, myself, turned into one of those meatballs.
girl names ➤ Ones that start with M... Maeve, Madeline, Mari...
boy names ➤ Dmitri
subjects in school ➤ It's been...11 years...... I still hate school. 

☀ have you ever ☀

given anyone a bath? ➤ Sunny~!! But--in regards to people??? Yas.
smoked? ➤ eeugh
bungee jumped? ➤ EEUGH
skinny dipped? ➤ Aw hell yeah
ever been in love? ➤ AW HELL YEAH
made yourself cry to get out of trouble? ➤ NO I HATE CRYING but I cry so easily when I am frusterated.
cried when someone died? ➤ Only for Bradly, so far. RIP my dude, I think about you every day. 
lied? ➤ I'm either an excellent liar, or a terrible liar. There is no in between.
fallen for your best friend? ➤ I married my best friend
rejected someone? ➤ So...many...times. I didn't want to date in highschool... But I waltzed into a committed relationship immediately after highschool and that was the dude I married. So...everyone else got rejected. 
used someone? ➤ No, no. 
done something you regret? ➤ Ehh, at the time, yeah but all those things have brought me to where I am no, so there are no regrets.

☀ current ☀

clothes ➤ A black and white sundress
smell ➤ Basset hound (it's a very unique aroma)
desktop picture ➤  Desktop by painted-bees
cd in player ➤ do people still buy CDs?
dvd in player ➤ Do people still buy DVDs? 
song playing ➤  Genghis Khan   (I've got it on loop, fight me.)

☀ last person ☀

you touched ➤ Sunny, but she's a pup not a person... so Sean
hugged ➤ Sean
you emailed ➤ ALASXE because look at what she emailed me!!: 
Painted Bees by painted-bees 001 by painted-bees mmMMMMM!!!
you yelled at ➤ I don't yell.
you kissed ➤ Sean

☀ are you ☀

understanding? ➤ To the best of my abilities!
open-minded? ➤ ^
arrogant? ➤ by nature 
insecure ➤ ^
random ➤ No, I'm pretty predictable lmfao
hungry? ➤ Always
smart? ➤ Only when it comes to figuring out easier ways to do things lmfao
hard working? ➤ Work smart, not hard! 
organised? ➤ Ohhh, no... No.
healthy? ➤ These days, I'd say so! 
shy? ➤ No, I just have anxiety lmfao
difficult? ➤ I SURE CAN BE
bored? ➤ It's been years since I've felt bored 
obsessed? ➤ Hyper-fixation is a super power and a curse
angry? ➤ Nop
sad? ➤ Nuh-uh
perverted? ➤ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
dirty minded? ➤ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
trusting? ➤ conservatively

☀ who do you wanna ☀

kill? ➤ What? No one!
slap? ➤ Why??
get really wasted with? ➤ My husband
kiss? ➤ My husband
hug? ➤ My husband
cuddle? ➤ My husband
bang? ➤ My huSBA N D

☀ random ☀

in the morning, i ➤ Drag my ass outta bed, and then drag Sunny's ass out of bed. And from that point on, it's all chaos mitigation. 
i dream about ➤ I had a dream that my uncle in law had a wife that was my age???? And we were friends????? and it was all very questionable....
sexual preference ➤ Wait, let me just... Kawaii Senpai by painted-bees there it is! 

☀ which is better ☀
coke or pepsi ➤ Coke
flowers or candy ➤ candy
tall or short ➤ Tall masculine, short femme. 100% my jam U uU

☀ who ☀

is your crush? ➤ Sean 
makes you laugh the most? ➤ Sean 
makes you smile? ➤ sEAN

☀ do you ever ☀

find yourself thinking of the boy/girl you like for a long period of time? ➤ YEAH!!
wish you were a member of the opposite sex? ➤ I'm pretty chill with my current equipment
wish you were younger? ➤ Sorta, but with the same knowledge base I have now. 


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SilverSugar Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh Beeeeesszzzzz it is killing me that I can't commission you right now! *tears* If you're ever up for a trade you just let me know and I will art ALL the art! *lavishes you in love sprinkles*
HalfOfAPint Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, bees! So I have an unofficial Kimet in mind related to Nazar (Not bloodline, but Annaliese's son) and was wondering if it would be alright if he could see dead Kimet. Like, ghosts and such. I know there is totem sap magic, and was hoping to tie in some parts of Nazar's story with this little borb. 

(1 Reply)
SilverSugar Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
For your approval my ducky. I know it's been ages...I let my anxiety get to me with the coloring--wanted her to be perfect but now I'm gonna re-draw it but that's farther down on my list so I got over it enough to post what I had. Haha.

Kimet MYO: Sylphe by SilverSugar
(1 Reply)
Paloway Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
AHHHH I've been following you on Tumblr, but having no idea you also had dA! :la:
tsumefan2 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
are esks those big fluffy regal looking animals ? i faved some of them i love anything fluffy and feathery
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