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He's adorable ; A;
We adopted him from the Soi Dog Foundation, located here on Phuket island (maybe you've heard of them?? Apparently it's a pretty big deal...). 

We visited the facility in person, and it's really impressive! It's a huuuuge place, with countless dog runs, no run was over crowded, and the dogs were placed together in accordance to their age, their size, and their condition. All the dogs appeared very well cared for, and happy with their runmates, which is...a feat considering this place had well over 200 dogs. 

The runs even had multi-storied "dog chalets" lmaaooo like--the most luxurious dog houses I have ever seen in my life. 

I've never seen anything like this place in my life. To say it was 'impressive' would be a gross understatement! 

Anyways, we arrived totally unannounced...I was expecting the place to be like any other shelter, to be honest. But despite our unscheduled arrival, we were promptly introduced to a woman who dealt specifically with adoptions. She ran us through a very thorough questionnaire which both served to determine the kind of dog we were looking for, as well as how suitable we were for dog ownership. She was suuuper nice, and once that was through, she took us to see the "puppy" run and the "small dog" run. 

Obviously, I found Oppi in the "puppy" run, and he immediately stole my heart! Any other pups in both the runs we looked at, who might have come close, were already spoken for. The good folks at Soi Dog even put Oppi through a (very safe and controlled) 'kitten test' for us, to see how he reacts to kittens, and--he's a total prince! He sniffed the kitten inquisitively, and then left it alone, even though it was growling and hissing at him = u=! What a gentleman. 

And so, we bring Oppi home on Wednesday!! I'm so excited, I don't even know what to do with myself. I've wanted a dog for SO LONG, and now we're finally in the right place in life to properly accommodate having one and !!! I'm so happy. 
= w= Christmas dreams DO come true!!
Tiny kitten package for Bella! by painted-bees
Tiny kitten package for Bella!
This little mantis nymph belongs to the most excellent :iconbellas-artbook: as a gift from Jessica S.!
Why? Because she subscribed to my 60$ tier on Patreon!

Bella filled out a Kitten Adoption Form, and it was decided from her responses that a wandering violin mantis would be the best mantis for her :D (Big Grin)

This little boy is just a baby! Over the next six months, he'll grow and change. Once a month, he'll undergo a new molt, and emerge looking slightly different, and much larger than he did before! Which means, every month, there'll be a new image of him, and every month, he'll have grown significantly!

I hope you're as excited as I am to watch him grow up into a beautiful adult! :D (Big Grin)

If you'd like your own custom kitten hand picked and delivered to you, please take a look at my patreon page for more info! * U* <3
Little Faerie of the Tree Trunks by painted-bees
Little Faerie of the Tree Trunks
Dao’s post-molt photos!
Isn’t she a beauty? This mantis is such a pleasure to document. Her details are simply beyond words. 

 I’m so glad her molt went well. She’s a gorgeous, natural masterpiece! 
Gao the Itty Bitty Roadside Kitty! by painted-bees
Gao the Itty Bitty Roadside Kitty!
My week has been devoured by this little monster.
Her name is "Gao"แก้ว. 

I didn't want a cat, but when life throws these little surprises your way, I think it's best to accept the responsibility if you in the right position to do so.

seandunkley and I found her yesterday (or, as others would argue, she found us) on our drive back home from breakfast. She almost crossed the road, out in front of the car, before ducking back into some small, thin bushes against a tall concrete fence which tightly hugged the side of the busy road. 

Joojoo asked said exactly what I was thinking, "Was that a kitten?" 

We parked the car to inspect, and sure enough, a kitten it was!

So, after lunch, we took her to the vet because...well...she was filthy, covered in fleas, and probably came with a myriad of other health issues. The doc cleaned her up, gave her some medicine, de-flea'd her nicely, and told us to bring her back in a week for her shots.

He also told us that she was approx. 2 months old, which is allllmost too young to be away from mom (12 weeks/3 months is the optimum recommendation for removing kittens from their mother). What a tough initiation into life :<

But, she's found us, now. We'll do our best to ensure that the rest of her life is lived out in comfort.
Her favorite place in the world right now seems to be our warm, cozy laps...

If you want to help us out with her vet costs and stuff, I am open for commissions. See this journal for more info :] <3
Noi the Rhombodera sp. by painted-bees
Noi the Rhombodera sp.
It turned out that one of my four youngest Hierodula nymphs was not a Hierodula at all.

With her flashy pink chest, uniquely tapering pronotum, and dainty fore coxae nubs, it's very clear that this little lady is, indeed, Rhombodera sp. Most possibly Rhombodera longa or similar. She's quite striking to behold! Just you wait until she's an adult! 

This means that the total number of unique genera I've raised in the Mantodea order is now up to nine! 

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